Electric Motor Starters Basic Introduction

What’s an electric motor starter? Where are they used?

Electric Motor Starters provide a safe way of starting large load electric motors. An electromagnet and a contactor provide circuit protection by opening the contactor to interrupt current.

The electric, or electromagnetic starter has an electric contactor as well as an overload relay enforcing voltage control by sending a signal to the electric starter coil if motor overlaod occurs. The electric overload relay opens a series of contacts feeding the motor.

Electric Motor Starters, Combination Starter Operation

Push buttons or switches start the energizing of the electromagnet to engage the contactor. This sends current to the motor.

Siemens Nema Size 2 Starter
Siemens Nema Size 2 Starter

Pressing or switching a second time de-energizes the electromagnet and cuts motor power.
Digital relays with microprocessors offer the best motor control and circuit protection. Combination starters and switchgear can be grouped in a common enclosure within a Motor Control Center where switchgear and control devices need a combination of circuit breaker and fuse protection.

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