About Bus Plugs and Busway

What are Bus Plugs, Busway? How do they work?

Bus Plugs and Busway distribute power to industrial and commercial machinery, lighting and heavy equipment. Connected like heavy duty “extension cords”, Bus Plugs and Busway are mounted to delivering power to equipment including circuit breakers, motor controls, transformers and industrial lighting in industrial and commercial facilities.

BHow Bus Plugs Work, What are bus plugsusway and Bus Plugs connect and disconnect to be flexible with the facility’s structural design. Bus Plugs and Busway carry power to industrial and commercial facility equipment and lighting. Circuit Breakers offer circuit protection for Bus Plugs using Fused or Circuit Breaker Bus Plugs, Tap Box Bus Plugs, among others, using various types of bus ducts and busway.

Replacing obsolete bus plugs or reconditioning bus plugs can save money over buying new bus plugs. Buying new plugs and busway is preferred when constructing new manufacturing or commercial buildings.

Types of Bus Plugs Include

Tap Box: enclosures connecting power cable to busway. Plug-in tap boxes and end tap boxes connect busway to bus plugs.

Disconnect Switch: Bus Plugs or “Disconnects” interrupt and disconnect power in emergencies

Select a bus plug based on voltage rating and a configuration matching the bus plug. Plug voltages are 120/40, 208-120, 240, 277/480, 480, and 600 in the U.S. Amp ratings are15-to-600.

Bus Plug Series:

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