Siemens-ITE BOS Fusible Bus Plugs

Siemens BD Busway 225A – 1600A

Siemens BD “Bulldog” Busway 225A to 1600A air insulated busbar are designed for rugged configurations handling continuous loads in industrial, commercial construction, institutional and automotive markets. Features of these Siemens Fused Bus Blugs include compatibility with most original installs, plug-in straight lengths, elbows and cable tap boxes, air insulated busbar preventing temperature rise, and ABD aluminum and BDP copper busway.

Siemens BD Busway 225A – 1600A
Reconditioning and Repair Service

Certified industrial/electrical equipment service facilities can troubleshoot, repair, test or completely recondition BD “Bulldog” Busway 225A to 1600A air insulated busbar. Refurbishing and retrofitting Siemens vintage Busplugs and Busway extends electrical life for years to come.

Siemens BOS Bus Plugs Renting and Leasing Options

Renting or Leasing Siemens industrial and electrical equipment can make sense when your need is only temporary. Qualified Power Distribution Repair facilities have strict quality assurance procedures. Many service facilities also sell new equipment, giving you options for buying, renting, leasing or repairing your Siemens equipment.


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Find Fused Bus Blugs Solutions
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