Siemens XLU Busway 100A, 200A

Siemens XLU Busway 100A, 200A: Isolated Grounding

Siemens XLU Busway 100A, 200A provide an isolated grounding system with a reputation serving the industries using microprocessor technology to controlling their process.. Features of these Siemens Busway include Simple, Flexible Design Assures Years of Service, Fits Full Range of Load Requirements, Innovative Paired-Phase Bus Bars, and Configured to Match your Service Requirements.

Siemens XLU Busway 100A, 200A

The XL-U paired-phase design is ideal for irregular voltage applications and rugged-duty welding settings. XL-U ratings are from 225 to 6500 amps and dependable for automotive and industrial applications. XL-U Busway are also an excellent choice for outdoor applications.

No matter the dimensions or contour of the facility, planning and installing XL-U Busway is straightforward and economical. Single-bolt joint-stack assembly, splice and cover plates can be factory installed.

Siemens XLU Busway 100A, 200A: Isolated Grounding
Reconditioning and Repair Service

Certified industrial/electrical equipment service facilities can troubleshoot, repair, test or completely recondition Siemens XLU Busway 100A, 200A. Refurbishing and retrofitting Siemens vintage Busplugs and Busway extends electrical life for years to come.

Siemens XL-U Busway Renting and Leasing Options

Renting or Leasing Siemens industrial and electrical equipment can make sense when your need is only temporary. Qualified Power Distribution Repair facilities have strict quality assurance procedures. Many service facilities also sell new equipment, giving you options for buying, renting, leasing or repairing your Siemens equipment.


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