Furnas Class 89 Series MCC Rebuilt with Plug In Options

Furnas Class 89 Series MCC

Furnas Class 89 Series MCC Bucket Replacement starter units are available for all plug-in and Non plug-in unit MCC designs. A complete unit for adding to an existing MCC includes a unit door, divider pans and all necessary mounting hardware.

Renting or Leasing Furnas Motor Control Centers makes sense when your need is only temporary.

These Furnas Class 89 Series Motor Control Centers rebuilt models are retrofitted with new components, full 1-year replacement, retrofitted with New components. System 89 is an upgrade from Class 89 developed by Furnas. Bucket structures are normally 15″ or 20″ wide, and 12″ tall with 6″ increments.

The original Series 89 came with a variety of Circuit Breakers and starters from Westinghouse, GE and Furnas Electric. Siemens System 89 is now an aftermarket replacement for the original Series 89.

Furnas Class 89 Series MCC
Reconditioning and Repair Service

Certified Furnas Furnas Class 89 Series MCC Bucket service facilities can troubleshoot, repair, test or completely recondition Furnas Class 89 Series MCC Bucket. Refurbishing and retrofitting Furnas vintage Motor Control Centers extends electrical life for years to come.

Furnas Class 89 Series MCC Renting and Leasing Options

Renting or Leasing Furnas Class 89 MCCs makes sense when your need is only temporary. Qualified Furnas Power Distribution Service facilities have strict quality assurance procedures. Many Furnas Motor Control Centers service facilities also sell new Motor Control Centers  giving you options for buying, renting, leasing or repairing your Furnas equipment.

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